So You Know

I’ve been thinking about this for the past few months and I’ve made a decision. In 2019 I’m going to make a change and I want my readers to know about it. The age of the blog is dwindling. There is a growing conversation on the internet that the age of blogging, that peaked around 2008, is shifting to other forms of social media. Also, in this last year I’ve felt more of a drain around writing this blog each week that I didn’t feel in the beginning. When I started this blog 7 years ago I did it because I found writing was a life-giving, creative outlet for me. As time has gone on I’ve felt this blog become more of a chore than an outlet. Finally, I’ve been feeling a strong tug from God, and strong encouragement from my wife, to sit down and write a book about health in the church. I know me, and I know I won’t be able to continue writing a blog and also try to wrap my heart and mind around a book that can help other churches. Nothing is going to change immediately. I will continue to post on this blog until the end of April, but when May dawns this blog will have run its course. I just wanted all of you to know in advance and to say thanks for reading Suspicion Of God through all of these years.

About Andy Lewis

Andy is an author, pastor, and musician who lives in Santa Cruz California. Currently he serves as lead pastor at Faith Community Church in Santa Cruz
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1 Response to So You Know

  1. Dana M Orlando says:

    Wow… That’s exciting, Andy! I will look forward to reading your book and will just enjoy the last few months of your blog šŸ˜‰ I’ve often thought of how important church health is for the proper development of each individual taking part and how we really have to be authentic, honest and humble as a community and as individuals for that to happen. For the most part, I feel that FCC (at least those that I commune with most closely) have these type of characteristics that have made personal growth in our church possible for me. Anyhow, blessings on your en-devour!

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