Rain And Pain

Last Friday my family entered into our long-standing tradition of cutting down our Christmas tree at the summit in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Our tradition is that we go to Albright’s donuts in Santa Cruz, we pick up a dozen donuts, then we head out to find the perfect Christmas tree. We do all of this rain or shine. This year we did it in the rain! We trudged our way through the trees, as each tree shared all of the water they had on their limbs on our clothing, and we searched for the perfect tree. Of course we found the perfect tree – because we always tell ourselves that’s exactly we found each year. Of course I had to whine as I stooped in the mud, cut the tree, carried the tree, tied the tree to the car, and got the tree in the house – you’re not a real man unless you whine while you work. These are the things that make up being a family with traditions during the holidays.

Then as I went outside to dump some extra trimmings I saw my neighbor’s garage door open. He lost his wife to lung cancer one month ago and all of their family traditions were obliterated. I looked at his quiet house without any extra cars around and I thought of his pain. The holidays have a funny way of magnifying the human experience. They magnify our joy and they magnify our pain. So as I’m now in the thick of the holiday season I’m gonna try to be mindful of those enduring pain.

About Andy Lewis

Andy is an author, pastor, and musician who lives in Santa Cruz California. Currently he serves as lead pastor at Faith Community Church in Santa Cruz
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1 Response to Rain And Pain

  1. Debi Snow says:

    I am truly understanding the feelings you expressed here. We have close ties to people to suffered horrible losses in the Paradise fire. I am feeling a sense of guilt as I sit in my warm cozy home eating my own cooking and planning big things for the holidays. One friend has nothing but a couch to sleep on with no means to cook or wash dishes so just eats fresh fruits and veggies or take out. Another friend is excited because the Sheriff found her fire scarred wallet in the fire rubble with all her credit card and ID intact! One of her other friends is so excited to receive one new scarf-to get her collection started again since she lost all she had. I am just watching and reading as these people who lost everything they had gather together and talk about rebuilding from nothing! Many are Believers as they share their conviction of God’s Master Plan! I am with you, Pastor Andy! What can I do to turn my thoughts of my own busyness and plans and just stuff and be more sensitive to the pain and loss of others especially at this time of year……….😓

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