Little Tiny Treasures

I sat across from my daughter Cassidy and said, “Watch! I’ll make you a bet that they give that thing to your mom.” Cassidy said, “No way. Why would they do that?” I said, “I’m betting they’re going to do it because they see the smile on your mom’s face, and they are committed to making their customers happy.” Sure enough a minute later, the waitress walked up to Aleta, handed her this little stainless steel rice bowl and said, “The owner would like you to have it.” Of course Aleta tried her best to refuse, but the waitress insisted that she take it and so now we’re the proud owners of a stainless steel rice bowl – I should say a cute stainless steel rice bowl, because cute is the operative word for my wife. This bowl is small, cute, and holds rice. My dear wife would probably eat every meal in a bowl if she could. Which by the way – what is it about eating meals in a bowl for women? I’m just asking. She loves all things that are small, all objects that are cute, and loves meals that include rice. I mean this gift is hitting on all cylinders for my wife. Oh, and the symbol on the lid is the Korean symbol for “happiness.”

We were gathered for one final meal together before my daughter drove off to her senior year in college. So we went downtown to try out the Sesame Korean Grill. It was great to have one last meal together, and enjoy the adventure of eating new and exotic food. All of it was delicious, the service was excellent, and we got to eat rice served in these little bowls. Aleta just happened to mention that their bowls were soooo cute, and the next thing she knew she was walking out the door with the gift a new rice bowl. I don’t know why God pours out little tiny blessings like that into our lives. We certainly don’t need them or deserve them. I guess it’s just another reminder of His humor, His joy, and His pleasure in providing a life without lack.

About Andy Lewis

Andy is an author, pastor, and musician who lives in Santa Cruz California. Currently he serves as lead pastor at Faith Community Church in Santa Cruz
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