A Gig And The Gospel

This coming Saturday afternoon my band Man In Black is going to be playing at Elkhorn Slough Brewery in Watsonville. I invite all of my readers to come out and enjoy the goodness of God with a good brew, conversations with your friends, and good music written by Johnny Cash that so artfully addresses the human condition. There are a few reasons I enjoy this part of my life. First, I just enjoy the gift of music. We’re going to be enjoying a lot of music forever in eternity and music just has a way of getting past our defenses to make us think and feel honestly in ways we need to think and feel. Second I just want to be the presence of Jesus out in my community. There’s this one part of my church’s vision statement that talks about the arts. This vision paints a picture in this way: “Look and see the artists of our city, and their venues of expression, showcasing God’s radiant beauty. See our musicians composing the most uplifting, infectious new music ever heard. Hear live music emanating from concert halls and clubs mingled with the sounds of laughter as people dance in celebration of God’s goodness. Look into tomorrow and see fine artists and artisans who paint, sculpt, weld, and build such beautiful, God-honoring works of art, they are destined for the finest museums. Witness actors and dancers expressing themselves for God’s glory. Read the pages of godly authors and poets as they communicate the reality of our human condition through the lens of God’s redemptive promise. See movie houses unwilling to screen films of darkness in favor of films expressing great beauty. Can you see a city filled with the sights and sounds of God’s own creative genius?” So when I play music I feel God’s pleasure because I’m taking part of filling my city with the sights and sounds of God’s own creative genius.

About Andy Lewis

Andy is an author, pastor, and musician who lives in Santa Cruz California. Currently he serves as lead pastor at Faith Community Church in Santa Cruz
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