A Boy, A Baptism, And A Black Suit

I guess I must admit what many before me have admitted. “Growing old ain’t for the faint of heart.” I’ve now come to that time in my life when I do wake up in the morning with what my wife and I call “sleeping injuries” – the pains in our bodies we discover in the morning and we have no idea where that pain or injury came from. But one of the things growing old gives to you, if you let yourself sit still in one place and be in community with people in that one place long enough, is it grants you the joy of walking with people through the many significant moments in their lives. This last Sunday I got to stand with a couple and dedicate their new baby. Years ago I’d done pre-marital counseling with them and then officiated at their wedding. It was a great day! As the years have passed their married life has grown richer, and I’ve been able to watch it all unfold as God has blessed them with children and a full family. Later on that same morning I was given the great pleasure of baptizing their oldest, elementary school, son. Back at Easter he’d come to church wearing an amazing black suit – the only guy in our church with a suit! When it came time to get baptized, his dad suggested that it would be awesome to be baptized in that suit since he was going to grow out of it soon anyway. The boy loved the idea and so this last Sunday I took part in baptizing their son in that black Easter suit. I enjoyed watching him crouch on the edge of the baptismal tub, like a tuxedoed spider man ready to dive off a skyscraper, as I described the meaning of baptism. I really thought he was going to dive in but he didn’t, he waited for my invitation to step into the baptismal waters. And then – I asked him if he loved Jesus. “Yes!” was answer. Then I asked him if we wanted to let the whole world know that he wanted to follow Jesus all the days of his life. “Yes!” was his answer. Then his father and I baptized him in the name of the Father, and the Son and the Holy Spirit. So cool! Later when they were changing, the boy said to his dad, “Dad wasn’t that great? And I’m the only one who has ever got baptized in my suit.” God is good.

About Andy Lewis

Andy is an author, pastor, and musician who lives in Santa Cruz California. Currently he serves as lead pastor at Faith Community Church in Santa Cruz
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