God On The Ropes – Part I

Holy week is actually a great example of what it feels like to watch, and personally experience, the work of God in your life. Jesus went from obscurity in a small northern town to, over the course of three years, a man who had more than a bit of buzz surrounding Him. On Palm Sunday He entered Jerusalem triumphant with everyone celebrating Him and thinking, “Oh, this is how God’s going to make good on all of His promises. This guy Jesus looks like He could be the promised Messiah.” And yet, Sunday was then met with the slow cooling of normality on a Monday and Tuesday, as the people settled into the flow of the Passover week; reconnecting with old friends and family, going to Temple worship together, and preparing for the Passover meal. The bible doesn’t really tell us but I’m going to guess the regular flow of those days also contained side conversations about “that guy Jesus of Nazareth.” Some of the conversations were just “how’s-the-weather?” chats, some were curious, some were incredibly hopeful, and maybe others were a bit scared about what kind of revolutionary powder-keg Jesus might set off.

This, to me, is what it can be like to walk with God. I can pray towards, and work towards, a goal and begin to see the possibility of that goal actually beginning to take shape. But that goal or dream doesn’t quite happen right away, just as Jesus wasn’t crowned King of Israel the day He entered Jerusalem triumphantly. I usually find myself also having to enter a “Monday and Tuesday” period of time where I’m left wondering if the goal will really be accomplished, and how exactly it’s going to play out. There is the quiet period where I’m “almost there” but not quite there yet with the sense of yearning that asks God, “Are we gonna get this done?” and “How are your going to finish the job?”

About Andy Lewis

Andy is an author, pastor, and musician who lives in Santa Cruz California. Currently he serves as lead pastor at Faith Community Church in Santa Cruz
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