Time Is Harder To Give Than Money

A month ago, in my post Love In A Glass Box, I told the fun story of how the great people of Faith Community Church actually emptied their wallets into a plexiglass box as an experimental act of one way we could possibly offer our bodies “as living sacrifices” to God. It was really cool and really beautiful.

After it was over I was talking to my wife and I said, “If there was a way to empty our available time into a plexiglass box what do you think would happen?” Obviously there is no way of really knowdonate-timeing, but Aleta and I both had the same theory. As we talked about it, we arrived at the conclusion that as hard as it is give up what we call “our” money,  it’s actually much harder to give up “our” time. We live in such a harried, over-scheduled culture that time has now become the harder resource for us to give up. I honestly think that if I ran the same “living sacrifice” experiment where we could somehow put out a box that could contain our available time, the people of my church, and my own self, would give up far less of our time than we would give up of our cash. This Saturday morning our church body is going to help out at the Walnut Ave. Shelter that houses needy women and children. I think very highly of the people I serve, and so I am pretty sure a good many people will make the time to come out and help the moms and kids at the shelter. However, I am pretty sure that all of us will find giving up “our” time on Saturday morning will actually be harder than donating some money to the shelter. Weird – isn’t it?

About Andy Lewis

Andy is an author, pastor, and musician who lives in Santa Cruz California. Currently he serves as lead pastor at Faith Community Church in Santa Cruz
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