Watch Out! Love Will Change You

IMG_0272This is a new picture under the hood of my 59′ GMC truck. It didn’t used to look this good under the hood. I’ve been saving up to buy some parts for my truck. My old speedometer went out and my old vacuum-system wind shield wipers made me nervous when it wasn’t exactly consistently wiping my wind shield in the rain. So I saved up and then bought a new electric wiper kit and a new speedometer kit. Then I dropped my truck off into the hands of my master mechanic friend Dom Orlando.

Dom is amazing in what he can do to any vehicle. He literally can make just about any part from scratch if he can’t get the part. I dropped my truck off with him, but it took awhile to get all the parts figured out through shipping and so the truck had to sit in his garage for awhile. Originally Dom and I had agreed that he would just put in the new parts, but the longer my truck was in his garage exposed to his love of old vehicles, the longer he couldn’t keep himself from doing even more than we had originally agreed to do. Dom noticed that my old straight-6 engine wasn’t very clean, so while we were waiting he “just did a few things.” His love for this old truck couldn’t hold him back from tuning up the engine, removing the manifold, painting it red, re-installing it, then painting other parts of the engine just to make it look “real good.” He did all of it out of a love for that truck, and he didn’t even charge me for all of the extra work. Who does that?

To me, Dom’s work on my truck is a picture of the Gospel. God has made for me, through the sacrifice of His Son Jesus, to be parked in His “garage” (family) and just by being parked under his loving gaze, He just can’t help improving a little on this, improving a little more on that, and doing all of it without any extra charge to me. Thanks Dom for the great work on my truck, and for the great reminder that love is a dangerous thing, because love transforms the person or thing that it loves.

About Andy Lewis

Andy is an author, pastor, and musician who lives in Santa Cruz California. Currently he serves as lead pastor at Faith Community Church in Santa Cruz
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