Dark Clouds And Rainbows – Part II

In my last post I described, and showed off a photo, of this amazing double rainbow that stopped by my city last weekend. As an ominous storm with latent dark clouds came our way, it produced a stunning rainbow. That rainbow got me to thinking about how God always provides some kind of rainbow at the same time we’re going through storms.

Last week my wife shredded her Achilles tendon while playing pickle-ball. Her injury is a new storm our family really didn’t need right now, but as I looked at that rainbow last weekend I was reminded that Aleta’s injury, her looming surgery, her recovery, and all the responsibilities I will need to carry for a while will provide some stunning rainbows. I know. I know. What I just wrote sounds so blogified, some kind of cheesy, postcard thing that makes me sound like I’m on such a higher spiritual plane – a word version of a photo-shopped selfie. Actually nothing could be further from the truth. The reason I wrote what I just wrote is because I was actually surprised to find myself thinking the thoughts that I just wrote, and not only thinking those thoughts – but actually believing them. I think I’m actually growing in my faith, where I can see God’s goodness coming my way in storms I would not choose. It reminds me all over again of one part of the Prayer of Sir Francis Drake “disturb us Lord to venture on wider seas where storms will show your mastery.”

About Andy Lewis

Andy is an author, pastor, and musician who lives in Santa Cruz California. Currently he serves as lead pastor at Faith Community Church in Santa Cruz
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