Shrewd Christian Voters

This election cycle is disconcerting to watch. The polarization of civic discussion is mind-numbing. I’m very concerned that “evangelicals” are a voting-block who are being courted by politicians as this mind-numbed mass of voters who only vote according a fixed set of bullet points. The last time I checked, followers of Jesus actually not only vote for representatives in both parties, but also serve the civic good in both parties. Jesus is neither Republican nor Democrat and we who follow Jesus, above our political affiliations, need to think very critically as we vote in an election cycle where civic conversation has been reduced to inflammatory tweets.

Listen to what Pastor Timothy Keller rightly observes in his book Generous Justice.

“In both gospels of Matthew and Luke, Jesus delivers a famous discourse, which is usually called the Sermon on the Mount. For centuries readers have acknowledged the beauty of its high ethical standards. What is not noticed very often is how Jesus weaves into a whole cloth what we would today call private morality and social justice. Along with the well-known prohibitions against sexual lust in the heart, adultery, and divorce there are calls to give to the poor (Matthew 6:1-4) and to refrain from overwork and materialism (Matthew 6:19-24) 

In Western society these sets of concerns have often been split off from one another, In fact, each of America’s two main political parties has built its platform on one of these sets of ethical prescriptions to the near exclusion of the other. Conservatism stresses the importance of personal morality, especially the importance of traditional sexual mores and hard work, and feels that liberal charges of racism and social injustice are overblown. On the other hand, liberalism stresses social justice, and considers conservative emphases on moral virtue to be prudish and psychologically harmful. Each side, of course, think the other side is smug and self-righteous.”

About Andy Lewis

Andy is an author, pastor, and musician who lives in Santa Cruz California. Currently he serves as lead pastor at Faith Community Church in Santa Cruz
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