Sunrise, Sunset

Generally speaking I’m not a fan of Broadway musicals. It just seems so strange to me to watch actors interact in a normal play – talking like normal people do – and then suddenly, strangely, music begins to invade your consciousness as the actors break into song about some aspect of their lives. This just doesn’t happen in real life (okay maybe in the shower but not on the street), so as a rule I don’t normally find myself enjoying musicals. However there is this exception which proves my personal rule. My exception is “Fiddler On The Roof.” I don’t know why, but I resonate with this single Broadway production. This week, as we prepare to take our first-born away to college I keep thinking of the song “Sunrise, Sunset.” The words of the song ring so true for me at this season of my life.

“Sunrise, sunset / Sunrise, sunset / Swiftly flow the days / Seedlings turn overnight to sunflowers / Blossoming even as we gaze
Sunrise, sunset / Sunrise, sunset / Swiftly fly the years / One season following another / Laden with happiness and tears”

Time flies when you’re having fun and as time flies we grieve the end of rich and wonderful seasons of life as we move forward opening up our hearts to new seasons filled with all kinds of new possibilities.

About Andy Lewis

Andy is an author, pastor, and musician who lives in Santa Cruz California. Currently he serves as lead pastor at Faith Community Church in Santa Cruz
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1 Response to Sunrise, Sunset

  1. Todd K says:

    Thanks Andy I did not know that about you. We should go see Cats together. 🙂 I think of Gabe reading this. Oh how he has grown and now in junior high. Man time flies.

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