Summer Dreams

I love summer, but summer also makes me homesick for my childhood. Now that I’m an adult I have to work during the summer time with some paid vacation sprinkled in to keep me sane. I miss having three months of my life dedicated to play, and those extreme levels of boredom which spawned new wildly creative endeavors with my friends. I don’t know if our over-programmed kids who we plug into one day-camp after another will even know the sheer pleasure of what their creative minds can invent if they just let themselves be bored and then discover what they can create out of their boredom. My wife’s major in college was early childhood development and one of the things she learned is that “play is the work of a child.” In other words, kids make sense out of the world and live with a purpose through their play. I remember the most amazing moments of play in my life as a child: trying to hold my breath the length of the Olympic sized pool, trying to jump off the high dive, building bike ramps, jumping my bike off those ramps, building forts, creek-walking, jumping our bikes into water holes, rock-climbing and more. I wish I could have a summer like that again.

As I look at my kids entering into another one of their summer breaks I wish I could enjoy a childhood summer once again. But you know I think what I’m actually longing for is heaven more than I’m longing to go back in time. I think I’m longing to go forward into that time when I enter heaven and the curse will be removed, and work will become play once again, and time will be immaterial to the fun I’m having with all the people I love. I think my adult summer daydreams are actually the pangs and longings for my final home with my Father in heaven and all the people I’ve known and loved in this life who have passed before me into eternity. Here’s to a beautiful summer of 2015 – a foretaste of the endless summer yet to come in heaven!

About Andy Lewis

Andy is an author, pastor, and musician who lives in Santa Cruz California. Currently he serves as lead pastor at Faith Community Church in Santa Cruz
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1 Response to Summer Dreams

  1. brandonsjohnson says:

    I felt this post deeply. Long summers on the beaches of southern california were epic. I remember when time was such that summer felt like its own year. There was the summer year and the school year. I long for that eternity with you my friend.

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