Love And Kitchen Tiles

TilsThere once was this old public service advertisement depicting a hot frying pan with the voice-over “This is your brain.” It was quickly followed by the image of an egg being dumped into the pan and splattering in the searing heat. It ends with the voice-over “This is your brain on drugs!” Effective imagery.

Well I’ve posted this photo because This is my heart – and this is my heart in love! I’m told there are five languages of love: Touch, Talk, Time, Task, and Things. My wife’s language of love is task. It means the world to her when I get the “honey-do” lists done, or when I take on big projects around the house. For years, Aleta hated the ugly brown grout lines in our 70’s-era kitchen counter top. She put up with it, but there was this  slow burn hate-affair going on with that counter top. This weekend we finally did something about it together. This photo is the evidence of our work. We put up plastic sheeting all throughout our kitchen, making it look like that horrifying scene in E. T. when the Feds do medical exams on E. T. in Elliott’s family kitchen. Once all the plastic was in place, we proceeded to rip out an inch and a half of concrete and tiles. It was awesome to see the intensity of Aleta’s commitment to rip out the tile and the grout she’d hated for so long. It was even better to see her smile when we placed our new wooden counter top into place. As we worked and sweat I told Aleta, “Of course I’m going to get you a Valentines card, but this is actually the best way for me to tell you how much I love you. So in case you didn’t know (with a swing of my hammer onto my crow-bar) I LOVE you!!”

Maybe this Valentine, in addition to a nice card, let the person you love know that you love them in their own personal love language. Sacrifice the touch, the talk,, the time, the task or the thing that will let them know you treasure them.

About Andy Lewis

Andy is an author, pastor, and musician who lives in Santa Cruz California. Currently he serves as lead pastor at Faith Community Church in Santa Cruz
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