James Bond Missionaries

I recently had a fascinating conversation with a friend of mine who is risking to reach a people group that, due to their zealous commitment to their religion, are extremely hard-hearted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Some from this people-group are involved in the most heinous crimes being perpetrated on the planet right now. The religious zeal of some have led them to radically disrupt whole nations, publicly behead people, and perform unspeakable acts of terrorism. When you see these things reported in the news it’s very easy to think, even as a believer who knows God is sovereign, that God is looking the other way and uninvolved. But my friend just informed me that some of the leading “bad guys” have secretly turned their lives over to Jesus Christ, want to follow him, and desire to reach their own people who are so lost in their violent version of religious fervor. My friend’s ministry organization is involved in a highly covert operation to disciple these men and help them spread the Gospel to their lost friends. Obviously this discipling work requires secretive and sophisticated forms of communication. When the forms of communication were described to me it sounded a lot like stuff you would see in a James Bond film. It may take crazy spy like stuff to reach baddest of the “bad guys” (aren’t we all really bad guys at the foot of the cross?), but the good news is to hear – in a very concrete way – that our God is working even in the darkest most evil places on our planet. God will win, and He will redeem His world!

About Andy Lewis

Andy is an author, pastor, and musician who lives in Santa Cruz California. Currently he serves as lead pastor at Faith Community Church in Santa Cruz
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