Dear God, Evangelism’s Dead In North America

. . . And another thing Heavenly Father. I get incredibly excited when I read about the rapid expansion of your kingdom in South America, China, Africa, and beginning outeach into the 10/40 window of the Muslim world. Quite frankly, you are rockin’ the planet, except here in North America. I’m not blaming you. I actually look at myself, and I look at most of us believers in North America and the sad fact is that evangelism doesn’t really exist. Well, to be accurate evangelism of our new things like our iPhones, laptops, large screen TV’s and Mc-mansions isn’t dead. We have no problem incessantly declaring the good news of our new stuff, but we have a big problem declaring the good news of life found in Jesus. Sadly the vast majority of Christians in North America cannot name one person they’ve been able to stand beside the moment that person decided to receive abundant life through Jesus. And what’s even more sad is the fact that most of us will go to our grave without ever leading another person to Jesus Christ. Evangelism is dead in North America Father and it makes me incredibly sad. Maybe it’s because Satan has convinced us believers through the anti-christian zeitgeist of our age that “it’s just too scary to say anything” and “no one really wants to hear this stuff” that we don’t share the hope Christ has given us. Maybe it’s because we pastors have failed to actually train our people to be more than just disciples (if they’re even that) but to be disciple-making disciples. Who knows how we got here. Father I’m just asking that you wake us up to the crying need for an explosion of loving evangelism in North America. Please . . .

About Andy Lewis

Andy is an author, pastor, and musician who lives in Santa Cruz California. Currently he serves as lead pastor at Faith Community Church in Santa Cruz
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