Dear God, We’re Making Stupid Sacrifices

. . . and another thing Heavenly Father.

What’s with us? What’s with the disciples of Jesus in North America? If comfort and pleasure were the greatest of causes we’d be doing really well, but the last time I checked You never said that comfort and pleasure were our greatest purpose. The last time I looked, You told us that what really matters is to “seek first the kingdom of heaven.” Sadly, we can’t seem to sacrifice our time, our money, or our skills for this kingdom of heaven You’ve clearly told us really matters.

You know what’s funny Father? We disciples of Jesus in North America are actually quite good at making sacrifices. It’s just that we make sacrifices in the wrong places for the wrong purposes. We sacrificially rack up huge credit card debts in order to enhance our comfort. We sacrificially spends thousands of hours on front of our TVs, and increasingly our smartphones, and tablets in order to comfortably connect with “friends” we can comfortably reveal our edited selves to as they comfortably reveal their edited selves to us. We sacrificially give away all of our creative energy and skill to “The Man” in order to enhance a comfortable bank account – accepting the terms of being a little more enslaved by our small-minded paycheck to paycheck existence.

Heavenly father help us. We make stupid sacrifices that don’t matter while making little to no sacrifice for what You’ve told us truly matters. It’s no wonder North America is seeing no real spread of the Gospel. Huge bummer . . .

About Andy Lewis

Andy is an author, pastor, and musician who lives in Santa Cruz California. Currently he serves as lead pastor at Faith Community Church in Santa Cruz
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