Sickly Fickleness

The God who made us, and knows everything about us, has many good reasons to write us off, and yet He does not write us off. He loyally intervenes to rescue us at our worst moments, and He loyally allows consequences to play themselves out in our lives so that well turn back to Him and be held close by Him once again.

A few posts back, in a post entitled Written Off, I talked about one of my favorite scenes in Les Miserable. In that scene Bishop Myriel had every reason to write Jean Valjean out of his life by handing Valjean over to all the consequences his guilt had earned for him. The police told Myriel, “Bishop, we caught this thief with all your silverware.” Yet Myriel responded in the most astounding way by telling the police, “Oh no. You have made a mistake. I gave him my silverware!” Then in an extreme act of grace, Myriel grabbed the rest of his silver candlesticks, handed them over to Jean Valjean and said, “You forgot to take these also!” As police leave, Jean Valjean falls to his knees sobbing and in shock. As he wept the Bishop Myriel bent down to embrace him and said, “Take this act of kindness and share it with others.” This moment becomes the defining event in Jean Valjean’s life. Through the rest of Les Miserables we watch him transform from a guilty man who humbly received grace, into a man who humbly extended grace to others. In my humble opinion, Victor Hugo (author of Les Miserables) did a masterful job depicting how God’s grace works in human terms we can understand.

God extends His grace to us when He has every reason to write us off. Why in the world does God choose to do this? I think God does it in order to cleanse our hearts of our sickly fickleness so that we become people who cling more tightly to Him, and so that we become people who extend to others the same grace God shared with us.

About Andy Lewis

Andy is an author, pastor, and musician who lives in Santa Cruz California. Currently he serves as lead pastor at Faith Community Church in Santa Cruz
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2 Responses to Sickly Fickleness

  1. Gina Weeks says:

    Thank you

  2. Andy Lewis says:

    So glad it’s an encouragement!

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