My Response Is All I Control

When we take a  break (a Sabbath) we realize, in the final analysis, that there’s only one thing God has given us any influence over. In the end, all we actually control is our response to life. That’s it! You and I only possess influence over how we act and react in our journey through life. In fact, let’s be even more realistic. Even our responses aren’t as under our control as we’d like to think. When you think about it, the resources we use to respond in life aren’t totally under our control. We’re not solely in control of our health, our location, our family of origin, our situation, our successes, failures, victimization or victories – all of which influence the level of sanity available to us as we respond. So in the end, all we control is our dysfunctional responses to life. All that you and I influence is how we, as very broken people, act as we stumble through life in a broken world. We only influence our responses to God’s work in, through, or for us, and we certainly do not control Him in His untamed holiness. We only influence our responses to circumstances, and we do not control how those circumstances will actually play out. We only influence our responses to the people we know, and we do not control how they will behave –though we often wish we could. Sabbath leads us to the end of us, and at the end of us we realize we only control our dysfunctional responses to God, to circumstances, and to people. Feel free to share your reactions to this post.

About Andy Lewis

Andy is an author, pastor, and musician who lives in Santa Cruz California. Currently he serves as lead pastor at Faith Community Church in Santa Cruz
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2 Responses to My Response Is All I Control

  1. Bud Kennedy says:

    This is what we all need to hear and I especially needed to read that this morning. Good perspective. Thanks Andy!

    • Andy Lewis says:

      I’m glad it was a good word for you today. So sorry I missed you out there yesterday near the Iveta cafe. Had no idea your new job was out there

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