Sweaty Palms

January 25 was my Mom’s birthday. This year was the first year of celebrating her life without her being in my life anymore. Jesus called her home on leap day Feb. 29, 2012. I remember my mom every day when I drink from the pale blue coffee cups she gave my wife and I a few years ago. But as her birthday came and went, I realized that the one thing I missed the most were my mom’s soft hands. Mom had the softest hands in the world, and I can still feel what those hands felt like the last time I held them, and told her I loved before she departed this life.

My mom would laugh at the thought that what I missed most were her hands. She always hated how sweaty her palms would always get. She was completely embarrassed by the fact that she’d been given the sweaty palm gene. For a time she was able to cover up this flaw by wearing gloves back in the days when women wore gloves to church or public events. Once those white-glove days passed, she just had to apologize when people shook her sweaty hands. Mom’s least liked part of her body were her sweaty palms. But her sweaty palms created these exquisite hands that were always velvety soft to the touch until the last day of her life. Those hands that were so sweaty, became hands that I cherished.

Jesus’ hands will forever have the scars. Jesus’ side will forever bear the marks of His wounds. But it’s the “flaw,” that makes those parts of Jesus that much more cherished by me. My mom’s “flaw” produced the one thing I remember and miss the most in her. I wish today that I could hold her hands as I write these very words with tears misting in my eyes. It all makes me wonder – maybe I need to glory in my “flaws” because they might turn out to be the very thing that is most cherished by the people who know and love me. Maybe you need to do the same . . .

About Andy Lewis

Andy is an author, pastor, and musician who lives in Santa Cruz California. Currently he serves as lead pastor at Faith Community Church in Santa Cruz
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