It’s Really Crazy

I spent a lot of my posts last week going through meaningful scenes in the life of Christ; scenes depicting the kind of relationship He had with the Trinity. It’s really crazy to think that what God shares with all humanity is the exact same quality of relationship Jesus had between Himself and His Heavenly Father. Through Christ, we’ve been given a relationship that is deeply satisfying. Through Him we’re invited into a relationship that is the only consistent source of empowering for living. As a result of His sacrifice, we’re welcomed to enjoy a relationship where it is safe to say and feel anything we need to say or feel.  We will never experience an indestructible life if we remain suspicious of God and continue trying to build a life on our own terms. We experience a life that can stand up to anything only when we drop our suspicions and cling to the God who has given us an amazing relationship with Himself.

The bottom line is this – the indestructible life God has given us is the same indestructible life Jesus enjoyed.  Jesus lived a suspicion free existence before God.  He lived as if God the Father was crazy about Him, loved Him, and was always for Him. Jesus’ work on the cross won us this same kind of relationship with the Triune God. You may read this and think, “That sounds nice, but all of what we read in Scripture is a description of a man who was God in human flesh. There’s absolutely no connection between what I read He had in His relationship with God the Father, and what I have, or ever could have!” If that is how you feel, I’m thrilled to tell you that you’re wrong! In my recent posts I presented a biblical case for the fact that the same quality of relationship Jesus had with the rest of the Trinity (which was the source of His life that could stand up to anything) is available to anyone.  The quality of relationship Jesus had, is the quality of relationship He’s won for anyone who will take it. Are you enjoying what He’s given you to enjoy?

About Andy Lewis

Andy is an author, pastor, and musician who lives in Santa Cruz California. Currently he serves as lead pastor at Faith Community Church in Santa Cruz
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