Rehearsing What Is True

Our suspicious hearts believe God is still obsessed with our sin.  The last three blog posts establish from Scripture that He is not. Justice and mercy kissed at a cross where God the Son took the brunt of what justice demanded, received it into Himself with love, consumed it with His life, and then overcame it in resurrection victory. God the Father’s issue with us is no longer our guilt.  His issue is what we will do with His Son and the place of satisfaction He’s provided.  God the Father is declaring, “My Son’s sacrifice is for you! You are more important to me for who you are than for what you have done. Come and rest securely in the place of satisfaction bought by the blood of my precious boy Jesus.”

Now we are left with the choice of either rehearsing our guilt, or rehearsing the grace we’ve been given in the face of our guilt.   It’s true that by nature we’re still sinners who continue to make terrible mistakes, but it’s not what defines the nature of our relationship with God and therefore shouldn’t be what we continually rehearse in our minds.  I can choose to rehearse all of my guilt before God, or choose to rehearse the grace He’s provided in the face of my guilt.  What I choose to rehearse in my mind will shape my life. If I choose to rehearse all of my mistakes, failures and sins I will be formed into a person who is poisoned by guilt. If I choose to rehearse the reality of my deliverance from guilt, I will be formed into a new person.

Healthy people rehearse what is true. Unhealthy people obsess over things that are not true.  Ask yourself; “If God is not obsessed with my sin, why would I spend one more moment worrying about my guilt?” If God is completely satisfied about the issue of our guilt and most enjoys it when we enter into and enjoy this satisfaction, why wouldn’t we spend as much time as possible engaging God instead of disengaging from Him?

About Andy Lewis

Andy is an author, pastor, and musician who lives in Santa Cruz California. Currently he serves as lead pastor at Faith Community Church in Santa Cruz
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  1. Aleta says:

    Love u and extremely proud. 🙂

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